Top Appellate Mistakes that Trial Lawyers Make

Trial lawyers usually aren’t thinking about the record.

Is Writing Longhand Better?

Chief Justice Roberts’s ideas about writing longhand.

Appellate Briefs: Vary the Pace

Legal writing should exhibit movement.

Top Ten Appellate Mistakes: Ignoring Record Preservation

Trial lawyers routinely forget about the record.

Issue-Framing: The Upshot of the Appeal

The importance of issue framing can’t be overstated.

A Government with Too Much Power

The criminal-defense lawyer protects us from Government overreach.

The Real Costs of an Appeal: Preparation

Behind the scenes of an appeal.

Persuasion is the Lawyer's Money Game

The lawyer’s stock and trade.

The Appellate Advocate's Bread and Butter

Analogies are most persuasive.

The Goal is Not Perfection

It’s not perfection that counts, but persuasion.