Legal Writing All-Stars

Although legal writing makes up the bulk of lawyers' practices these days, it still doesn't get too much respect. Trial lawyers, with their sound-bite charisma and winner-take-all bravado, get most of the press. If you're interested in who the profession's writing all-stars might be, here are two lists. Bryan Garner's is a little more current, but much can be learned from Younger's nominees, too.

Bryan Garner's List

  • Walter Dellinger
  • Clifton Elgarten
  • Miquel Estrada
  • Theodore Olson
  • Evan M. Tager
  • Charles Alan Wright
  • Thomas Gibbs Gee
  • Judith S. Kaye
  • Richard Posner
  • Patricia Wald
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Glanville Williams

Irving Younger's List

  • Joseph Proskauer
  • Charles P. Curtis, Jr.
  • John H. Wigmore
  • Roger Traynor
  • John M. Woosley
  • Charles Evans Hughes
  • Robert H. Jackson

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