A High School's Rights Grab

A Holy Land Experience © Peter Smythe

Anthony Mazur, a student in the Lewisville Independent School District, joined his high school's year book class, and began taking pictures using a camera and equipment provided by his school. He later posted the pictures on his Flickr account, over 4,000 of them.
   Mazur was later pulled from one of his classes and taken to the principal's office. There, the principal insisted that he take down all of the photographs, claiming they were the school's property. He threatened Mazur with an in-school suspension and a ban from all extracurricular activities. 
   Mazur won the battle over the 4,000 due to the Copyright Act. But the school saw to it that he'd lose the war. The school issued a new policy where all work created by students using school equipment is "work for hire" or, in other words, the exclusive property of the school. Read Petapixel's reporting on this story here and here