Supreme-Court Writers

Slate recently published an article asking, "What kind of writers are the justices of the Supreme Court?" In answering that question, it turned to Matt Daniels, a data scientist, who came up with a method called token analysis—a computer program that counts the number of unique words in a text of a given size.

Daniels's program shows that a couple of unknown rappers use more complex vocabularies than any of the justices, and even Shakespeare. But out of all the justices, Scalia wins the vocabulary prize. He ranked just above Shakespeare, and far ahead of Kagan, Ginsburg, Thomas, and even Roberts. Of living justices, Justice Kennedy placed last. Interestingly, four of the five "great" justices (Holmes, Jackson, Louis Brandeis, and Felix Frankfurter) scored higher than the current group of justices save Scalia.

Read the article here.

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