Personal Injury: Plaintiffs

We enter into a contingency fee arrangement where our fees are deducted from the overall recovery. If there is no recovery, we do not charge a fee, although the client might be responsible for expenses. 

Civil Litigation: Plaintiffs

Depending upon our preliminary investigation of the case, we may be willing to share the financial burden with our clients, entering into a creative fee agreement that tie our fees to results, usually some form of a blended hourly fee plus contingency..

Civil Litigation: Defense

On the defense side, we charge straight hourly fees, but also encourage our clients to blend their agreements between reduced hourly fees and bonuses that kick in at certain agreed-upon milestones, such as a settlement at a certain amount. 

Civil Appeals

We usually charge straight hourly rates, but also entertain blended fee arrangements depending upon the relief sought in the appeal.

White-Collar Defense

The ethics of the legal profession prohibit any form of bonus or contingency fee in criminal cases. Consequently, our firm enters into one of two arrangements: a flat, non-refundable fee or an hourly fee, at our discretion.