Civil Trials

While we are primarily an  appellate firm, we do handle select civil trials. Peter began his practice in personal-injury litigation, and he has continued to be retained for trials in the county and district court levels. Peter's appellate experience, actually, lends a great deal to his trial strategies. We've handled a wide variety of civil cases. Here are just a few:

  • We represented an apartment tenant who was severely injured as he walked down the stairs of his apartment. One of the steps collapsed when he stepped on it, and he fell through the broken step down to the ground. We initiated a lawsuit against the apartment owner for negligently maintaining the property. We were able to achieve a favorable settlement for our client. 
  • We represented a tool distributor in an antitrust action against a manufacturer. After a two-week trial, the jury returned a multi-million dollar verdict that included treble damages. 
  • We defended a local attorney against allegations of malpractice. She had represented a client in a divorce and her client later sued her, alleging that she had committed various acts of negligence and breaches of fiduciary duty during the divorce proceedings. He sought a judgment well north of six figures. The jury returned a verdict of nominal damages and denied his claim for attorney's fees. The client's attorney had also demanded over $100,000 in fees.

Cases are based upon their individual facts and circumstances. We cannot and do not guarantee success or similar results.  

Federal-Criminal Defense and White-Collar Defense

Federal-criminal defense constitutes a small, but highly demanding niche. Many clients call on state criminal-defense lawyers to defend federal charges. Clients are usually better served by retaining counsel who is experienced in federal courts and who is familiar with current federal-criminal law. Peter maintains an active federal-criminal appellate practice and is well versed in nuances of federal-criminal cases in the Northern District of Texas.