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Smythe PC is a boutique appellate firm that represents clients in state and federal courts, both in the civil and criminal arenas. We also represent clients in select litigation and strategic business matters.



Writing isn't a matter of regurgitating information. It is part of the art of persuasion. We take unusual pains to make our arguments as clear as a dry martini.

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Briefs are built on the structure of solid research. This is the stuff that trial lawyers usually don't have the time to do. Deon Sanders once talked about how he looked for the seam to the end zone on every kickoff return. We scour the statutes and case law to find that seam of argument that will turn the tides for our clients.



Being interrogated by three experts during a presentation isn't anyone's idea of fun. But it's all part of appellate advocacy. Oral argument is rarely granted these days, but when it is, we stand ready. Our experience in the trial courts lends our arguments a crisp edge.

What Others Are Saying . . .

He is a professional in every sense of the word. His working knowledge of the law, ethical manner, and diligence in representing the interests of his clients is beyond question.
— Bart Behr, Texas attorney
I want to thank you for the tremendous job you did on the brief regarding my case. My family and I thought it was extremely thorough and understandable. We appreciate all the efforts you have made on my behalf.
— R.W., a former client
Wow, I received the brief and I’m pleased. Your strategy and approach seems to be head on, taking the bulls by the horns approach and I admire it.
— D.G., a former client
I will always remember that day in court and what you told me about your son not understanding why you do what you do. I’m sure when you tell him about letters like these that are filled with appreciation and thanks he’ll understand that you’re not helping out the bad guy, but the guy who made a bad choice.
— H.G., a former client

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Peter Smythe has been practicing law for over twenty years. He has first-chaired trials in both state and federal courts, and has also served as lead counsel in federal and state civil and criminal appeals. Read more about his experience here.

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